Fix and Flip Residential Financing

Fix and Flip Financing Solutions

Fix and flip financing has completely changed the face of the real estate industry. In the past, only wealthy property developers and investors had sufficient funds to purchase, improve and resell real estate.

Now, thanks to alternative financing programs for house flips and remodeling projects, many small business owners have been able to claim a part of the pie. At Advisors Commercial Capital, we provide comfortable fix and flip loans and lines of credit for a wide range of real estate businesses, including startups, couples looking to remodel properties, and others.

The Financing Options of Your Dreams

There’s nothing like dedicated financing for fix and flip projects. Traditional loans don’t cover most property improvements, especially when real estate needs significant work. Fix and flip financing is different:

  • Covers property purchase
  • Covers remodeling costs, including money for contractors
  • Helps with materials costs
  • Gives you large loan-to-value rates for minimal down payments
  • Keeps your business running smoothly

Excellent Terms for Reaching Goals

Fix and flip financing and lines of credit don’t have any prepayment penalties or hidden fees. Depending on the size of your business’s team, you can get financing for countless properties simultaneously, which lets you take full advantage of ripe housing market conditions.

Discover low interest rates, fast loan approval, and flexible credit for remodeling. Contact us to find out more.