Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing

For businesses that are involved with sales of finished products (e.g. B2B, reseller, online sales, import-export, etc.), purchase order financing may be just the ticket to keep your cash flow in the black. In this type of financing, a finance company will pay you upfront cash to pay your suppliers for unfulfilled orders in return for the opportunity to collect on the invoices already issued. It can be particularly useful for small firms with a sudden onset of large orders.

Our Company, Advisors Commercial Capital

Here at Advisors Commercial Capital, we offer a purchase order financing program second to none. We’d like to earn your business. Whether you are just starting out or have been a profitable business for years, we can help.

Why You Want to Obtain Purchase Order Financing

There are some excellent benefits associated with purchase order financing. When you obtain it from us, these are some of them:

  • Obtain funding quickly
  • Expand your business without taking on debt
  • Fulfilling large customer orders
  • Make all deliveries to customers on time and every time
  • Grow your market share

Call on Advisors Commercial Capital

We are available to take any additional questions that you may have regarding purchase order financing and provide clear and concise answers. We can even begin the simple application process during your initial call. Connect with us today.